Alsatian beer light 0.75L

€9,50 €12,67 / l

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€9,50 €12,67 / l

Discover the fine balance of L'Alsacienne Blonde - an exquisite French beer specialty with a carefully carried out "triple fermentation". This type of beer, carefully brewed in the picturesque region of Alsace, offers not only a unique pleasure, but also an insight into the rich history and culture of French beer brewing.

Our L'Alsacienne Blonde shines in a seductive shade from blonde to amber and crowns every sip with a consistent, powerful head of foam. With an alcohol content of 8%, it is a powerful beer whose character is determined by a careful balance of strength and smoothness.

Alsatian beer light 0.75L

Brewery: Alsacienne EURL

Origin: France

Alcohol content: 8%

Nominal capacity : 0.75L

Closure: natural cork

Nutritional Information
Average nutritional values: 57 Kcal/100ml