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Gift basket “Pfaffenheim”

€59,50 €2,64 / 100ml

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€59,50 €2,64 / 100ml

Gift basket for connoisseurs

Description :

-Gift box, burgundy
also burgundy inside
Internal dimensions 250 x 250 x 90 mm
Decorated with a golden ribbon as in the photo

-6x different air-dried salami from France (1x fig salami approx. 170g, 1x chili salami approx. 170g, 1x dried tomato salami approx. 170g, 1x blue cheese salami, approx. 170g, 1x chestnut salami approx. 170g, 1x pheasant and cognac salami approx.170g)

-1x Alsatian terrine 180g

-1x plum jam extra 370g

-1x gift card

Ingredients :

Salami :

Fig salami: pork, natural pork intestine, figs, salt, lactose , dextrose, garlic, spices, sugar, ferments, preservatives E252, E250.

Chili salami : pork, natural pork intestine, salt, lactose , spices, chili, dextrose, sugar, garlic, natural flavor, ferments, preservatives E252, E250.

Alsatian terrine:

Pork throat 64%, pork liver 32%, salt, onions, milk proteins, parsley, spices. Pork from France.

Extra plum jam:
Plums, sugar, lemon juice concentrate, gelling agent: fruit pectin.
Nutritional information can be found on the respective product pages.
Decorative items not included
Nutritional Information Per 100g Energy
of which saturated fatty acids,
of which sugar,