Bitter orange jam extra (370g)

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€4,90 €13,24 / kg

Our Beyer extra bitter orange jam is characterized by its distinctive bittersweet taste, which makes your breakfast a special experience. Since 1921, the Beyer family business has dedicated itself with passion and tradition to producing the finest jam in the heart of Alsace. The bitter orange jam is a true masterpiece of her art and adds an incomparable touch to both sweet breakfast dishes and savory dishes.

Made from 45g of fruit per 100g of finished product.

Traditionally prepared in copper or stainless steel kettles.

Net weight: 370 grams.

Bitter oranges, sugar, lemon juice concentrate, gelling agent: pectin.

Nutritional Information
Average nutritional values ​​per 100g

energy 1052 kJ
energy 248 kcal
Fat <0.5g
hereof: saturated fatty acids <0.1g
carbohydrates 60g
of which sugar 60g
protein <0g
Salt 0.01g
Nutritional Information Per 100g Energy 1052 kJ / 248 kcal
Bold, <0.5g
of which saturated fatty acids, <0.1g
Carbohydrates, 60g
of which sugar, 60g
Protein, <0.5g
Salt, <0.01g

Ingredients: Bitter oranges, sugar, lemon juice concentrate, gelling agent pectin.

For an optimal taste experience we recommend stirring our jam briefly before consumption and enjoying it at room temperature. Perfect on fresh bread, rolls or as an ingredient in desserts.