Salami with hazelnuts
Salaisons du Val d'Allier

Salami with hazelnuts

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Processed with whole hazelnuts, this salami is a culinary delight for every nut lover. In 2012 this salami was awarded with a bronze medal in Paris

The weight is based on its maturity: between 140 and 180 grams.


pork, pig intestine, hazelnuts, salt, lactose, dextrose, garlic, spices, sugar, enzymes, preservatives E252, E250.

It may contain traces of nuts.

Note: Edelschimmel

The mould coating is typical of the handmade sausages from Auvergne. Depending on the degree of maturity of the sausage, it is more or less strong, because the noble mold develops naturally during the maturing process and gives the sausage its incomparable taste. The natural mold can be consumed without restriction - but if you wish, you can also brush the salami slightly dry.

Note on the closure of the salami

The sausages are closed at both ends with a small aluminium clip. Please be careful when cutting and eating.